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Chances are you’ve heard the news that this summer is set to be one of the hottest on record, like ever. Personally, I’m already feeling the heat where I am and just cannot imagine it going any hotter than it already is. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Day is here give us Prime Members a chance to score major savings on products to keep us cool over the next few months. While there’s no shortage of deals on portable air conditioners, cooling pillows, and iced coffee makers out there, I’ve got a shopping editor-approved pick you’ll want to shop ASAP. It’s cute, powerful, is guaranteed to keep you cool, and on sale for just $6 during Prime Day. Small Oscillating Desk Fan

Gaiatop USB Desk Fan With 12,000 5-Star Reviews Is $6 for Prime Day – SheKnows

So, the Gaiatop USB Desk Fan may seem like your typical mini fan that fits perfectly on your desk, but it’s so much more than that. According to the tens of thousands of perfect reviews, it’s a “powerhouse,” a “beast,” and a “pint-sized tornado with a big personality.” As someone who actually owns one, I can vouch for those descriptions. The fan is small in size, but is somehow way more powerful than other standard-sized fans in my apartment. It’s fairly quiet, features three speeds, and is powered via USB. It does a seriously good job at keeping you cool, it’s become my go-to fan this summer. Even my mom, who can’t stand the heat, bought one of these babies for herself and loved it so much she bought two more. It’s that good!

There are several colors to choose from, including pink, black, and a cool wood looking situation. During Amazon Prime Day, members can snag one for just $6! Of course, if you’re not an Amazon Prime Member, be sure to sign up here.

The Gaiatop Desk Fan has over 12,300 five-star reviews with numerous shoppers raving over how powerful it is. As one enthusiastic reviewer wrote, “Hold onto your hats (and your toupees), folks, because the Gaiatop USB Desk Fan is here to blow you away — quite literally! This little powerhouse of a fan may be small, but it packs a windstorm of coolness that will have you questioning if you accidentally activated the hurricane mode … It’s a small but mighty companion in the battle against heatwaves and stuffy office air. It’s a wind wizard that will keep you cool, entertained, and possibly send your papers flying across the room if you’re not careful. So embrace the tiny tornado of coolness, let it be your office sidekick, and prepare to laugh in the face of heat—because with this fan, you’ve got the power (and the wind) on your side!”

Honestly, if that review alone doesn’t convince you to buy it, I don’t know what will!

With that said, other shoppers were really impressed with the fan as well. “This tiny fan packs a punch! I was looking for a small fan I could use at my desk (at home and work) and just kind of blindly went for this one. There are three fan speeds and I’ve yet to use anything but the lowest setting because it’s more than enough. In fact, it’s powerful enough that I put it on my coffee table later in the evening and it was enough air where I didn’t feel the need to kick on the AC — It’s a battle between my teen son and I — he likes the house on the warmer side, I like it on the cooler side, and this fan was more than enough to keep me cool.”

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One shopper even called it a “little beast.” They wrote, “I got this to use in my car when my A/C conked out but got that fixed before I needed the fan. I finally set it up on my desk a few weeks ago, and, WHOA, this thing is amazing. Even at the lowest speed it is plenty powerful. I often have to turn it off after a few minutes because I get too cold, which almost never happens. I do need to slip the base under my desk mat to prevent it from falling over backward, but that is a minor complaint. I have no doubt this little powerhouse has helped me save on my electric bills by keeping me from cranking up the A/C.”

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Gaiatop USB Desk Fan With 12,000 5-Star Reviews Is $6 for Prime Day – SheKnows

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