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PROFESSION-UNM.COM – The Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG) at Makassar State University (UNM) is a field of study that prepares students to have jobs with special skill requirements to become teachers.The PPG program at UNM itself covers 41 fields of study.

Since its inception in December 2018, PPG has overseen 32 fields of study.Until now, PPG has proposed 9 additional fields of study. Silver Pendants 925

PPG UNM Covers 41 Fields of Study - Professions Online

The fields of study covered by PPG are Mathematics;Physics;Chemistry;Biology;Geography;Mechanical Engineering;Automotive Engineering;Agricultural Technology;Family Welfare Education;Electrical engineering;Electrical Engineering;Informatics and Computer Engineering;Building technique;Physical Education, Health and Recreation;Pancasila and civic education;History;Sociology;Office administration;Social science;Anthropology;Guidance and counseling;Early childhood education programs;Primary school teachers;Special education;Indonesian;English;German language;Arts, Drama, Dance and Music;Art;Economy;Accountancy;Natural science;Commercial Ship Shipping;Fishing Vessel Sailing;Fishery;Nursing;Plant Agribusiness;Chemical Engineering;Processing of Fishery Products;Agricultural Engineering;and Hospitality and Tourism Services.

Secretary of PPG UNM, Ahmad Syawaluddin said that PPG UNM would soon prepare forms.22 fields of study will be proposed for next year so that the opportunities for UNM alumni to become teachers are greater.

"We will put together a form for proposals for 22 fields of study so that the job opportunities for alumni are greater," he said.

He also hopes that PPG UNM will continue to increase his field of study.In addition to expanding job opportunities to become teachers, I hope PPG UNM can also continue to hold the most fields of study in Indonesia.

"Hopefully it will continue to increase, we will try to keep it the most in Indonesia," he hoped.(*)

PPG UNM Covers 41 Fields of Study - Professions Online

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