Lemoore man builds desks for distance learners | KMPH

Mitchell Couch of Lemoore says he got tired of seeing his kids take over the family's dining table with their schoolwork.

It's a struggle many families are facing, with distance learning. Bent Plywood Side Table

Lemoore man builds desks for distance learners | KMPH

He inspects buildings, for a living.

But, he likes to build things on this off-time.

\"I've been a carpenter for 20 years now,\" he said.

Couch prides himself on making things to help friends and family-- whether it's a backdrop for a wedding, a bridge over a pool, or an actual pool.

But a smaller project these days, has been giving him the most fulfillment.

\"I made a desk for my kids to start with, and I made it for, like, 20 bucks,\" Couch said.

The pictures caught so much attention, he created a tutorial on YouTube.

\"It went crazy,\" Couch said. \"I had 200 messages the following morning.\"

He's also amassed a huge following on TikTok and Instagram.

Family friends Karin and David McKinney noticed it, too.

They are the owner-operators of Grocery Outlet in Lemoore.

And, they want to help kids in the community, especially those who are distance learning.

\"They're home. They're struggling,\" David McKinney says. \"We thought, just a place for them to be, a spot for them to have to do their work would be beneficial.\"

McKinney offered to buy wood, and Couch agreed to build 35 desks.

\"You can get a sheet of plywood and make four desks,\" Couch said. \"Just a few pieces of wood make the legs. Some glue and some nails and you put it together. They're super strong.\"

The quest has even become a family affair.

Couch's wife, Janessa, sands the desks one they're completed.

Sometimes his two school-aged kids help, too.

\"We do an assembly line,\" he says.

Couch says he's doing more than bonding pieces of a desk.

He's building a bond with the community-- and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

\"I'm hoping they look closer at their community and realize the most positive change happens in your community. It can be making desks or even helping a neighbor across the street with their yard.\"

You can follow Couch's creations on Instagram here.

You can follow his creations on YouTube here.

Lemoore man builds desks for distance learners | KMPH

Dining Table With Plywood You can follow his videos on TikTok here.