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After doing product research, finding a winning product, and working with a supplier to create a private label product, Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) sellers have the option to ship their products straight to Amazon’s warehouses from their supplier or to ship them to another location first, before they go to Amazon.  Fba Sea Freight

How to Ship to Amazon FBA - Step-by-Step Guide - Jungle Scout

Why wouldn’t sellers have their suppliers send their inventory straight to Amazon? Some sellers like to inspect the products themselves, only send a limited quantity of stock to Amazon at a time to control FBA storage costs , or any number of other reasons.

Sellers who go this route need to know how to get their products to Amazon’s warehouses when they’re ready. So, how do you set up an FBA shipment to get your inventory into an Amazon warehouse?

For a brand new Amazon seller, navigating Seller Central and setting up your first FBA shipment can be a difficult task. 

If you sell retail arbitrage , private label , or wholesale and plan to fulfill your orders with FBA, follow along, because we’ll go over every step of how to set your FBA shipment up correctly.

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Before Send to Amazon, there was an old way of creating a shipment in Seller Central. That way is now gone and all sellers must use the new Send to Amazon shipment creation workflow.

Send to Amazon requires fewer steps for replenishing FBA inventory. According to Amazon , here is what you can do with Send to Amazon: 

Compare estimated carrier fees to make the best choice between shipping your inventory as individual boxes ( small parcel delivery ) or pallets ( less than truckload delivery ).

First, find the product you want to ship inventory for in the “Manage All Inventory” section of Seller Central.

You can also click on “Shipment” to go to your shipping queue and create a new shipment. 

Find your product, then on the right-hand side, choose the drop-down menu that reads “Edit” and click “Send/Replenish Inventory.”

If you already have a workflow created for that product, it will show up here. If not, you will enter new packing details of the product, including how many units per box, the dimensions, and package weight.

You will be able to name your template as well. This allows you to choose the same exact packing details for the next shipment you send to Amazon, thus making the process easier. 

If for whatever reason, you will be packing your product differently for the next shipment, you can create a new template.

Next, choose the number of units you want to send. Once that is entered, click Ready to Send, then Confirm and continue.

In here, you can also edit your “Ship from” address. Once you’re done here, go to the “Confirm Shipping” step in the workflow.

Confirm your shipping information and accept the charges.

Choose your ship date, shipping mode (small parcel delivery or LTL), confirm your shipping carrier and charges. If everything looks good, click “Accept charges and confirm shipping.”

Print your labels and ship! Once you print your shipping labels, again, make sure both barcodes are visible on the outside of your box. Then simply drop off your package at UPS or schedule a UPS pickup. 

You will be able to track your shipment from the Shipping Queue.

Amazon now has a program called Amazon Global Logistics   that allows sellers to book ocean shipments right in Seller Central. This makes it much easier for sellers to get their inventory from their supplier in China, into Amazon’s fulfillment centers. 

When creating your shipment in Send to Amazon, if you enter a ship from address from outside your marketplace country, an option for Global Logistics will pop up. 

Enter your packing details based on how your supplier will be shipping your units and enter that into your shipment workflow.

You can choose from your current template or create a new one based on your supplier. 

After filling out your packing details, you can get different quotes from shipping companies within Send to Amazon. If you find a quote that works for your business, confirm shipping. 

In the last step, you will enter customs information. 

For more information on how Amazon Global Logistics works, check out the Amazon Global Logistics help page.

That’s it! You should now be ready to set up your first FBA shipment like a pro! If you have any other questions regarding FBA shipments or have anything else you want us to write about, let us know in the comments!

We also have a fantastic video on How To Send Products To Amazon FBA. Check it out!

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Brian is a writer and entrepreneur with over 6 years of experience in e-commerce and selling on Amazon.

Your guide on how to ship directly to Amazon FBA is clear and informative. It’s a valuable resource for sellers looking to streamline their logistics and make the most of Amazon’s fulfillment services. Thanks for sharing these insights!

Hi Brian Thank you for the useful information

What about online arbitrage? Can I let the retailer websites send the shipment directly to Amazon’s warehouse since I’m living outside where I want to sell?

No, you cannot do that. You can send the products to a prep center, who will prep and ship your items to FBA. We have an article on prep centers, check it out.

I have an Amazon Fulfillment Center close to where I live, can I drop the inventory that I want to sell off there?

Hi, No you are not able to do that. You must create a shipment in seller central and ship it.

Do I have to ship my product to an Amazon fulfillment center before it sells, or can I wait until after the item sells to ship the product to the fulfillment center?

You need to ship your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers first. Your product will not be live on Amazon until Amazon receives it. You also have the option to fulfill via FBM but you will need to ship the product to the customer yourself.

Hi Brian, I have a supplier in New York and I am located in California. Can I send the merchandise directly to Amazon? If so, is there any guidelines I need to ask the supplier to follow? Thanks.

Yes, you can but you will need to work with the supplier to get that set up. When you create your shipment in Seller Central, enter your supplies address as the ship from address. Make sure you are following Amazon’s packaging and shipping requirements.

Hi Brian I am private label sending my first product to Amazon. I have my products coming from Latin America to the USA . My provider agrees to send them directly to Amazon. Since the products goes to customs once arrive the USA… Will amazon receive them? or Do I have to receive them and then send them to Amazon ?

You will need to arrange shipment to amazon

What is the minimum items required that Amazon will accept? For example can I shipped 15 items (5small 5medium 5large) or it has to be more than that? Also does the shipment have to be all same size items in one shipment and the different size in different shipment or all 15 items in same shipment?

You can send any amount to Amazon; there is no minimum. You can choose to mix the items in your shipment, you will be able to specify that when creating the shipment in Seller Central.

Hello. I am planning to subscribe for Suite JungleScout plan. Just recently finished watching your video about for beginners. You are mentioning that we will need freight forwarder. I am based in United Kingdom. Just checked freightos quotes for 1m3 30kg package and to ship it by air it is just ridiculiuosly expensive. Can’t a supplier just send by air using DDP method directly to Amazon? Or manufacturers/supplier probably not gonna do it? Or is it better to ask supplier to send package to my home address and then to send to Amazon myself. This is the part where I got confused. Maybe I am missing a point here. Thank you for your answer.

If you have a smaller shipment, it will likely be cheaper to have the supplier air ship to your location first and then you can ship the products to Amazon. Ask your supplier if they are able to arrange your shipment to Amazon instead.

Any idea why my products are available for Prime Delivery in 7-10 days with a Professional account instead of Prime same day or next day delivery?

It could be because your inventory is being transferred to other fulfillment centers. Once your inventory is fully checked in, it will show as 1-2 days.

If I’m trying to send in a pallet of sports drinks (in original packaging not boxes) that are already stacked and shrink wrapped. Do I need to cut off the wrap and place the sports drinks into boxes? When following this guide to sending product into amazon it asks for how many cases or boxes, however I was wondering if there was anyway to send the product in as is on the pallet wrapped and labeled?

Hi Josh, it depends on how many drinks will be sold in one order. Are you selling them individually? If so, they’ll need to be taken out of the original packaging and packed loose into another shipping box.

You can send pallets to Amazon but you still need to specify how many units are in each case.

Hello Sir your information.was very usefull I have a question that in online Arbitrage when we send our products to prep center in amazon listing we give the prep center adress or the company that we buy our product if we give the company adress how we can send our products from prep center to amazon?

You will send have the products shipped to a prep center from wherever you order them from. They will process and pack your items and then ship them to an Amazon warehouse for you.

Would you mind answering the following questions as i can’t find the answers online? -Do I list the product and then arrange shipment or wait for amazon to receive the shipment and then list the products? -Does wholesalers and companies like ali express provide SKU , ASIN numbers?

I look forward to your response

You will first list the product on Amazon, choose FBA as the fulfillment method, then arrange shipment. You cannot arrange shipment without first creating the listing.

No, you can make up your own SKU (or leave it blank in Amazon Seller Central, and Amazon will assign your product an ASIN.

Hello, thanks a lot for a super helpful article.

This will be our first time shipping to Amazon so I just want to make sure I understand the process. First, the warehouse ships the items to my home address through a carrier through Alibaba, this can be UPS, Fedex or something else. Once the shipment arrives at my house, I need to make sure it conforms to Amazon FBA requirements (box dimensions, number of items, barcode placement, etc)? Or is that something that Amazon will do for me? If I need to do that myself, how can I do that? Then, I follow the steps in this article to get my shipments from my house to Amazon FBA warehouse. Is that a correct summary of the process?

Yes, that is correct! For a cost, you can have Amazon place product labels on each unit. You can do it yourself by printing out the FNSKU labels in the shipment creation process.

Brian. Thank you for helping me make my first FBA shipment. I was nervous before I found this article. It was so easy and I wish I would have done it months ago. 🙂

You are very welcome! Thanks for reading!

Can one deliver the product to Amazon themselves if the destination warehouse is nearby, or must be through a service provider such as UPS?

No, unfortunately not. You must create a shipment in Seller Central and ship it.

Your replies to questions and the article helped a lot. What would be the best way to send a custom made gift box with multiple items inside. If I can’t drop off these custom boxes to my closest fulfillment center, do they ever change the location of the assigned FC destination? Also, do they use another amazon cardboard box to do their shipment to customers or am I responsible for buying and wrapping in Amazon boxes to

Pack as many gift boxes as possible in one shipping box. Say you can fit 10 units per box. When you create a shipment in Seller Central, enter the case pack and how many cases you are sending. Then Amazon will assign you the fulfillment centers to ship your inventory to. After you enter the quantity, dimensions, and weight, you pay for shipping and print out the shipping labels.

I’m a little confused about the order of things. Should I purchase UPC codes for a private label product so I can add a product to inventory? Or do I need to purchase the product from my supplier first? I guess I’m confused about what comes first. 1. Purchase UPC codes. 2. Add inventory 3. Purchase from supplier. 4. Send products to FBA center on Amazon seller central. Please help!

You can purchase the UPC and create your listing if you are 100% certain of your supplier and the inventory being purchased. Before creating your listing and FBA shipment, you must have the UPC first to create the actual listing in Seller Central.

These things can be done simultaneously.

You don’t add inventory before you have the inventory. If you are sending an FBA shipment, you enter the quantity being sent. Once Amazon receives it, it will show the available quantity in your manage inventory.

Hello! I am planning to sell an existing product on Amazon but I need some clarification on using FBA. What should be my first step after I decide what product I’m selling? Should I create an Amazon seller account first or should I contact a supplier to purchase the item I will be selling?

I would also like to know if it’s best to let my supplier ship my product directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre or to my address? Also, do I need an LLC or re-seller permit to buy wholesale and to resell on Amazon. Thank you

I suggest creating your seller account sooner than later. It can take a couple of weeks to get approved. After that, you can start contacting suppliers but before purchasing, make sure your Amazon account is open and verified by Amazon.

You do not need an LLC to sell on Amazon but if you are purchasing goods at a wholesale cost from brands or wholesalers, you will need one as well as a resellers permit. If you purchase from a supplier or manufacturer on Alibaba, you do not need one.

Hello and thank you for all your information. My name is Benedick Sejour. I am writing from Haiti. My question is, if I’m buying from Alibaba or from any other manufacturing company to sell on Amazon, how will Alibaba or any other manufacturing company know which address to ship the items to to reach Amazon? will Amazon provide me with an address upon creating a sellers account? to provide to Alibaba or any other manufacturing company?

I suggest working with a freight forwarder who can help get your products from your supplier to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Does amazon pay the fees to get the products from our house (sellers) to FBA storage?

No, you as the seller are responsible for that. The shipping costs are fairly cheap, though.

May I speak with someone who has experience with selling on thier Amazon fba account?

What questions do you have? We have lots of free content on our blog and YouTube channel to help you get started.

Do I have to create a website to sell on Amazon fba? Im seriously committed to this and I need a little bit of help. I have my product in mind and ready for purchase and transfer, yet to start my Amazon fba account.

No, you do not need to have your own website to sell on Amazon. You need to create a seller account only. I suggest starting that process ASAP because it takes some time to verify.

This may seem like a stupid question, but do I pay up front for the shipping to the Amazon Fulfillment Center?

Yes, you pay upfront and then Amazon will give you a shipping label to print.

How does it work when choosing merchant to ship to Amazon?

Check out our article on how to use Amazon FBM:

Thanks author for sharing FBA shipment tips and tricks it help us. keep sharing

So, just to make sure i understand. Fairly new to this whole process, For example, if i purchase product from lets say costco online or another bulk store can i ship directly to an amazon warehouse for FBA selling? Cutting out the middle man process entirely? saving on repeat shipping costs and what not? it seems you explained it briefly but i just wanted to clarify if i misunderstood if possible. Thank you for your time

No, you cannot do that. Not from a retailer, at least. If you purchase bulk products from a distributor or wholesaler, you can see if they would be able to send the products directly to Amazon’s warehouse instead of your location first. You would need to create a shipment within Seller Central using their address and send them the label.

When should i add a product to my inventory, after i have purchased it? Not sure what i should do after i buy from the supplier.

You should create your listing on Amazon when you order products from your supplier. You really should do it before you order so you can provide your supplier with your FNSKU barcode so they can print it on your product packaging.

Thanks for the detailed article.

I have heard that the location of prep center is also important. That video was about a prep center in Texas and they said their packages take less time in processing because an Amazon fulfillment center is not far from their place. On the other hand, the packages from sales tax free Montana will take longer.

Is this true and should we consider this while choosing a prep center?

Yes, the location is also important for those reasons you mentioned. The closer you are to a fulfillment center, the cheaper the shipping and the faster the processing time. That alone may be worth more than saving money on sales tax.

How can we replenish inventory from Pakistan.. Like we want to sell our products in UK.. Are there any Amazon carrier partners in Pakistan to deliver item in UK Amazon Warehouse.

Look for freight forwarders in Pakistan who can help ship goods to other countries for you.

Hi, How do I change the shipping from LTL to Small parcel delivery in the new ‘ send to Amazon’ feature.

Please help as my shipment is nearly there and the shipping company only just told me the boxes did not require LTL so are not on pallets but are being delivered in carton boxes.

In step 2, you can choose small parcel or LTL.

Hello, I want to ask about I have normal customer amazon account but I want to start sell something can I change my customer account into seller account or must I open new seller account? Thank you for your answer in advance.

You cannot change your buyer account into a seller account — you must create a separate seller account.

Is it possible to send a mixture of existing skus and new skus using the new workflow?

I sent some items to amazon by fba Items is in shipment process But i cannot pay these item yet When i pay these selected items

I’m not sure what you mean. You need to wait for the items to be processed before they go live for sale on Amazon.

Thank you for this very comprehensive and interesting article.

Thanks you Brian. Nice post bro.

Which information or details I need from supplier for Amazon warehouse Shipment?

Check out our video on YouTube that explains this step very well!

How do you list a product on Amazon that does not have a unique identifier number or UIN?

Check out this article:

It shows you how to list a product on Amazon without a UPC or GTIN.

Hello. I’m new to Amazon FBA. If I have to buy the product from my supplier before I know what warehouse to send to, how do I make sure my supplier doesn’t ship off my supplies to my actual home or anywhere else? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to tell them.

You need to be clear with them where to send your products. If you don’t want the products sent to your home, don’t give them that address. I also suggest working with a freight forwarder as they can help you get your products from your supplier to an Amazon fulfillment center.

How do I set up shipping from my supplier in China to a Amazon fulfillment center? is it the same process except I put the suppliers address? The supplier asked where are we sending the product but I dont have an address for an Amazon fulfillment center. Im confused on how to get that address.

I suggest using a freight forwarder to help the process of getting your products from China to an FBA center.

Thanks for sharing this great information.

Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing info.

My question is : If I got at least $500 to $1000 to start off. What is the proper steps to buying from one website and shipping directly to FBA account

Do you mean through online arbitrage or with a private label product? With online arbitrage, you will need to either have the items sent to you first to prep or you can use an Amazon prep center to prep and package your FBA items.

Useful information. Thanks for share.

Hello, If I reside in Lebanon, and I sell online arbitrage, how to ship my products from a marketplace in the U.S (Like Home Depot,ebay..) directly to amazon fulfilment centers?what is the process?

You cannot ship products from another retailer to an Amazon fulfillment center. What you can do is use a third-party Amazon FBA prep center to receive your online arbitrage orders and prep/ship them to Amazon for you. I suggest searching for some companies on Google.

What are the steps for sending directly from the merchants the products are purchased from? How do I set up shipping if I am doing only online arbitrage? Thank you in advance.

It sounds like you are talking about drop shipping. Do not ship orders from another retailer to your customer. That is a fast way to get suspended. If you are doing retail arbitrage, purchase the items beforehand and ship from your location or send the products into FBA.

Looking for some tips here. I will be selling two different items together as a pair/kit. Each item comes from different manufacturers and locations. I have to physically pick up the goods, separate them and sort through them and package them together. One item has the same sku and the other item has different sku’s because they differ in sizes. My question is, is it possible to send the 2 items separately to Amazon and have Amazon package the 2 different item together as one whenever someone places an order? Not sure if I am explaining myself good enough here This would save me an incredible amount of time, money, travel and work.

Unfortunately, no. Amazon will not package the items together for you. If you want the items to ship together, you need to package them together before sending to FBA. Alternatively, you can use a third-party prep center to package the goods for you — at a cost of course. Search for Amazon prep centers to see if they can help you.

There is the “virtual bundle”, where a new listing is created that allows the customer to buy two or more of your products together at the same time. They may arrive separately if they are at different fulfilment centers, though.

I am a Non US resident newly registered on Amazon Seller Central (USA) and would like to start with Amazon Online arbitrage (FBA) in US . Is it possible? If so, can you guide me step by step, especially how to get the products delivered to Amazon warehouse from the Retailors like Wallmart etc.

Check out our article on online arbitrage:

Hello, First up all i thank you to share this post. It is very helpul and useful.

I’ve sent my product to Amazon, which were received on Feb 9 and they are STILL showing as “unavailable”. How long does Amazon take to receive the product and make it available to the public?

That is normal. It can take a couple of weeks for Amazon to fully receive your shipment. If your shipment was fully received, maybe there is an issue with your listing? It is closed? Or inactive? Can you see the amount of available inventory in your seller account?

its is very useful for beginner seller to amazon

I am new to Amazon , doing FBA wholesale in US. after approving by a wholesaler i was going to buy products and send to Amazon warehouse but the wholesaler said “Items will be shipped to the shipping location you have on file. Any prep work to sell on Amazon will be handled by your team”. in the file i have my home address so please help me how do i send products to Amazon warehouse? waiting for the answer. thanks

Everything you need to know is laid out in the article. What steps do you need help with?

Thank you for your information about How to Ship Directly to Amazon FBA. This information is very useful to students and people. Amazon platform provides good services.

What would be the process to send your product directly from the manufacture to Amazon FBA warehouse?

Check out this article here.

What’s the way to get your items boxed up? I know UPS offers a boxing service but it can be expensive. Does/can Amazon supply boxes/boxing to ship to Amazon?

You can hire a third-party prep center to package and label items for you. Search for prep center for Amazon sellers on Google and a few should come up.

You have an excellent blog here. These days, finding high-quality stuff like yours is getting increasingly difficult. People like you are important to us.

Thank you for your nice article.

Really very nice article good information to me Thank you

How do I ship branded and packaged superfoods such as Mucuna Pruriens Powder, Hibiscus Flowers, Turmeric Powder, etc to Amazon warehouse from Nigeria? Would appreciate your sincere response.

I suggest searching for a freight forwarding company that can help ship your products internationally and get them to an Amazon fulfillment center.

I have already listed products.My things are still pending. How long will they take to arrive?

During this time of year, it can take a couple of weeks before your product is delivered and checked in.

Hello, thanks for the article! Do you have experience on the Canadian Side for LTL shipments. Amazon says the carrier needs to login to the portal to make a delivery appointment but I can’t seem to figure out who is a carrier that as this portal account. Any advice? Thank you for your time!

There is a separate portal for shipping companies to schedule with Amazon.

Can you explain me how y can send mixed ASINs to the same FBA. I want send 1 pallet with differents ASINS to the same FBA but Amazon shipping plan inform two differents FBA for the same shipping.

If you go into your settings in Seller Central (top right) and click on Fulfillment by Amazon. Then go to Inbound Settings and enable Inventory Placement Service. This should help, though it states it will send all quantities of a single SKU, not multiple SKUs but you can try to see if it will work.

Really good nice wonderful article

Can I send items directly form t store to Amazon wearhouse , if so what is t option for it.

I am not sure what you mean. From which store? If you purchase items from a store to resell on Amazon, you will need to package the items yourself and send them to an Amazon fulfillment center.

I have a follow-up question. After you ship the FBA inventory to Amazon. Will your items automatically be launched for sale? I shipped my items out about a week ago and now I’m just refreshing the seller app wondering if I have to do anything else.

Once your products have been checked in at the fulfillment center, they will go live. You can check the status of your shipment in Seller Central. Usually, it takes longer than a week, especially this time of year.

A couple questions. I think I’m confused about the ship from address. So you put in your home address and not the address of the UPS store you’re dropping off at? Or is that only if you are scheduling a pickup?

Also, what is the best way to figure out proper weight and measurements? I haven’t started selling yet and am feeling VERY intimidated by the whole process. A little worried about being in over my head here.

Just thought if one more. Is there a tool to figure out how/how much/when I need to pay in taxes?

Yes, you put in your home address, even if you are dropping off at the UPS store. Don’t put the UPS store address.

The best way would be to get a digital scale to weigh the package and simply measure with a tape measure.

For any tax questions, I would consult with an accountant!

Let us know if you have more questions!

Great Post! Thank you so much for sharing this very helpful and informative blog

Hey Brian Connolly, thank you for sharing such a great step-by-step guide about shipping to amazon. Worth reading!

I want to ship jewelry to Amazon FBA’s in the US from the UK. One box contains a couple of units and the value is above $2500. Therefor if we send via normal courier (UPS/DHL/FedEX) it will require a formal entry with customs. If we send the goods as DDP (Duty and Taxes paid) will customs require anything from Amazon? Or is is just a straight forward process by providing a customs invoice etc.

If you ship the items DDP, then you should be good to go.

Great and thorough article! What would be the steps if I want to ship products directly to Amazon from the online store for example from Alibaba?

I suggest contacting a freight forwarder. Many can help you with this process of getting your products directly from your supplier to Amazon FBA.

I have boxes of books….all labelled…ready to roll….but not quite clear who is picking up and when

You will need to drop your boxes off at UPS or schedule a pickup.

Do you know about UK too? What is the average FBA prep service cost per sku?

Check out this link from Amazon UK:

How to Ship to Amazon FBA - Step-by-Step Guide - Jungle Scout

Professional Sea Shipping Agent Can you please do it making a video please please