25 Best Neon Wedding Signs

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25 Best Neon Wedding Signs

Give your wedding day a custom glow.

We love a good wedding sign—especially when it's of the neon variety. From welcome signage to bar décor, displaying your name or favorite saying with a neon wedding sign is a surefire way to make your party pop. With their endless customizable possibilities, couples can create a fun glowing design moment that really makes a statement.

“The best thing about neon signs? They're a cutting-edge way to express your personalities," explains Jenna Miller, creative director at wedding planning firm Here Comes the Guide. "Hint at how you met with a 'You had me at hello!' sign, shout out where you’re from with something like 'California love,' or share a sentiment unique to your relationship like 'It was always you.'"

Jenna Miller is the creative director at Here Comes the Guide, a women-run wedding planning firm.

“A swanky neon sign crafted with a sweet cursive sentiment is chic enough to stand on its own," she continues. "Not only will you save money on additional over-the-top wedding décor, but you'll also invest in a piece that can be displayed in your home!"

You could also use this bold design moment to help the flow of your wedding day. "Typically, signs are used at weddings to steer guests in the right direction," says Miller. "Instead of the traditional wooden sign, why not greet guests in a more modern way with a glowing 'Welcome' neon sign or a 'Meet us at the bar' directive pointing to cocktail hour? It's a whimsical way to show guests where to go.” Miller also suggests encouraging guests to take photos and share on social media by creating a sign with your wedding hashtag.

Since this wedding trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere, we rounded up some of our favorite neon wedding signs below to inspire your own custom design.

Photo by Michelle Kyle Photography; Event Design by HoneyFitz Events

Light up a flower wall with a neon wedding sign. This glowing signage is a perfect way to greet guests at your reception and set the tone for the rest of the décor.

Photo by Off Beet Productions; Event Design by d'Luxe Events; Neon Sign by Narwall

Give a nod to your vows and everlasting love with a simple sign. We love how fresh the pink neon looks against the verdant backdrop.

Photo by Addison Jones Photography; Event Design by Kirkbrides

For couples looking to give their after-party a nightclub feel, a custom neon wedding sign can brighten any dance floor. It's just enough to add a bit of light without overexposing those late-night moves.

Photo by Don + Helen; Event Planning by Bustle Events; Floral Design by Pina Cate Designs

This wood backdrop comes to life with the addition of a creamy white neon sign and floral touches. The neon wedding sign illustrates the couple's custom hashtag and is framed by an asymmetrical, design-forward installation of garden roses and greenery.

Photo by Yervant Photography; Event Planning and Floral Design by Creating Beautiful

While most neon bar signs take on a funky, nightclub aesthetic, this one delivers chic elegance in spades. The brilliant creation at the bar illuminates this couple's custom monogram of their combined initials.

Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings; Event Planning by Ashley Smith Events; Music by The Flashdance DJ

A wedding DJ booth can often get lost in the darkness of a late-night dance party. This couple decorated theirs with a custom neon sign to highlight the area and energize the space.

Photo by I Heart Creative; Event Planning by Jaime Kostechko of Wild Heart Events; Floral Design by Native Poppy

Who could possibly resist a photo op at this mobile trailer? With garlands of baby's breath, tufts of pink pampas grass, cushy rugs, and a neon sign to light the way, guests will be clamoring for their spot in front of the camera.

Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings; Event Planning by Ashley Smith of Buzzworthy SF; Floral Design by Rito Ito

When it comes to neon signs, font styles tend to revolve around a few tried-and-true options. This custom bar sign, however, takes an entirely different approach with the newlyweds' names scrawled out in handwritten script.

Photo by By Julieta; Event Planning by Events by Bliss; Floral Design by Emporio Arte Floral; Neon Sign by Custom Neon

Let there be no question of who the couple of the evening is. This neon sign of the lovebirds' names at a Cabo wedding hangs above their sweetheart table and shines light on the miniature disco balls hanging around it.

Photo by KT Merry; Event Planning by Anna Lucia Richardson of Anna Lucia Events; Neon Sign by Suncoast Neon

This is a light show to remember. At this couple's post-reception dance party, a bold tent was filled with large silver balloons and lit with a circular neon chandelier inspired by love.

Photo by Jami Laree; Event Planning by Plan Prep Party

Looking for a unique idea? Channel this neon wedding sign, which was displayed across the floor-to-ceiling windows of the couple's urban, rooftop venue. We love how it draws attention to the industrial views of downtown Los Angeles and added to the refined grunge aesthetic of the loft.

Photo by Red Apple Tree Photography; Event Planning by Jason Mitchell Kahn; Floral Design by Katelyn Pinner Studio

A greenery wall with a neon sign is the perfect location for a photo booth. This one at a South Carolina wedding was framed even further with a beautiful floral arrangement to define the space.

Photo by Jana Williams Photography; Event Planning and Design by RO & Co. Events; Floral Design by Of the Flowers

This tropical Palm Springs wedding boasted a gilded black-and-white theme that eluded to bygone glamour. The dramatic bar nails the look with a shiny black surface, gold-painted palm leaves, and a neon sign that encapsulates the same warmth of their golden glow.

A wire wall is another unique location to create a fun neon and floral installation. We love how it was used at influencer Mandy Ansari's beach welcome party to also highlight the beautiful ocean backdrop.

Photo by Katie Ruther; Event Planning by Destination Weddings Tulum

Neon signs don't need to be directional in the physical sense. They can also provide guests with inspiration to loosen up and let go of their inhibitions. This one, in particular, inspires a night of dancing under the canopy of palm fronds and disco balls at this beach wedding in Tulum.

Photo by Hannah Baldwin Photography

Add a cheeky sign to your reception space that makes a play on words with your new shared name. At this disco-inspired wedding, the couple had a neon sign designed that changed up iconic song lyrics with their surname "Grubbs."

Photo by Kayla Mendez Photography

How sweet is this pink neon sign behind a couple's sweetheart table? Newlyweds Stephanie and Dan had a greenery and floral wall designed, along with a custom sign with their new last initial. In fact, this sign held particular meaning for the couple's family at their Palm Springs reception. "“The neon sign was our favorite décor piece. We love to geek out over fonts, especially Dan. And, ‘Mr. and Mrs. A’ is a loving family reference with a bit of history, so it sparked a lot of smiles with his relatives," shares the bride.

You can't go wrong with a simple pairing of a couple's first names of a neon sign. The grooms at this art gallery wedding decided to punctuate the blank space by bringing in a greenery wall decorated with this fun accent.

Photo by Rêver Weddings

Get some bang for your buck and create a neon sign that you know you can use back at home when the festivities are over. Couple Lauren Price and Brandon Chambers had a neon creation that read "Chambers Landing" placed above their wedding bar as a fun nod to their last name and an iconic location. "This is a famous bar in Lake Tahoe that the family always went to when visiting for the Fourth of July," explains Lauren. "We thought this was a really fun and unique element that would not only surprise our guests that knew him well, but would also make for a great and sentimental piece to add to our bar at home after the wedding."

Photo by Jodee Debes Photography

Instead of hanging a neon sign on a greenery wall, couples throwing a bohemian-inspired wedding should consider mounting their custom creation on a wall of pampas grass. The décor moment was a crowd-favorite item at this Napa Valley wedding.

Take your bohemian backdrop to the next level with a wall full of florals, dried grasses, and a bold custom neon sign. It was the perfect photo backdrop at this Cabo San Lucas wedding.

You can also put a neon sign directly on your escort card wall. At this wedding in Montecito, California, the couple's last name was punctuated with a white neon glow against their pale blue wall design.

Bring attention to your seating chart by hanging a neon sign above. We love how the couple at this Northern California forest wedding placed theirs against a wood-paneled wall to lean into their rustic theme.

Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

If you're creating a lounge area off the dance floor of your wedding, hang a neon sign in the space to keep the good vibes going. It was the ideal accent to an otherwise minimalist white design aesthetic at this Tulum beach wedding.

An after-party is an excellent spot to highlight a fun neon design. At their vineyard wedding, the two brides decorated a barn for the late-night soirée with a pink neon sign that read "One Life Stand."

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