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If you’re a computer gamer, you might spend a lot of time in your chair. It can get even worse if you work from home or do a lot of your school studies at the same desk you game in. And that butt-in-seat time can really rack up and do a number on you. If its not hurting now, it might start later. Xrocker Gaming Chair Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The best October Prime Day gaming chair deals right now | Digital Trends

If you haven’t felt the need to go track down one of the best gaming chairs before now — they can be pricey — these deals are a great time to finally tap that “Buy” button. And while we do track the best gaming chair deals throughout the year, this is a special moment in time. With here on the 10th and 11th there are deals everywhere. While we’re tracking the best October Prime Day deals in a general sense elsewhere, here is an overview of our favorite gaming chair deals you can start shopping today:

For high-quality lumbar support, including an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, this gaming chair from GTRACING will do the trick. In fact, the whole thing emphasizes adjustability, with arms that adjust both front to back and side to side. You can recline the GTRACING Gaming Chair to 150-degrees and pull out the footrest for a true reclining experience. If you check out the deal page, you’ll see quit a color options available (and all on sale) but the red model, pictured above, is the only one with this great pricing. The GTRACING Gaming chair supports gamers up to 300 pounds.

In many ways, this offering from Insignia looks more like an office chair than what we think of as a typical gamer’s chair in the modern year. Instead of adopting the typical “racer” style that has gained popularity, there’s still some office-style upright sensibility to the Insignia. While the soft material lining its back will invite you to lie back a bit, the overall design of the chair will encourage you to do a periodic posture check. This chair meets Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) standards and is suitable for gamers up to 275 pounds.

This gaming chair has a classic form factor and an exceptionally soft, yet easy to clean polyester fabric surface. It comes with adjustable, slender head and lumbar support cushion for a comfortable feel while gaming away for hours at a time. If you prefer to jitter more than recline, you’ll particularly appreciate the AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair’s ability to rock at a customizable tension level. Additional special features of this gaming chair include a base that is 10x stronger than steel, 3D adjustable arm rests, gaslift height adjustment, full 180-degree reclining. The Core Series EX Gaming Chair meets BIFMA standards and supports gamers up to 250 pounds.

If the words “Lenovo Legion” made your mind jump to gaming laptops or gaming desktops, you’re not alone. But, the ‘Legion’ wishes to conquer your entire battlestation, this time with a gaming chair. While it has the lumbar support and adjustability you’ve come to expect from gaming chairs at this price range, the unique factor that the Lenovo Legion Mesh is, well, the mesh. Usually when office and gaming chairs go mesh, they go mesh all the way. Its a great way to improve breathability, while lowering production and shipping costs. Yet, for those of us spending quality time in our chairs, mesh bottoms and mesh backs feel totally different. The Lenovo Legion Mesh Gaming chair gets its right — mesh on the back and head rests, with a plump pad of support for your rear.

While Alienware makes quality products, they’ve always been known to emphasize style alongside function in a way that many of their competitors do not. We’ve seen it time and time again as we’ve covered the best Alienware deals. This combination is especially notable when it comes to the Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair, whose combination of white and black with a dash of artic blue make it appear to have come out of an alien’s working quarters, not one of ours. Its coffee ground infused microfiber with silver coating is a unique take on chair construction, with the unique blend of materials reducing odors and reducing bacterial growth. The S5000 supports gamers up to 350 pounds.

For an absolutely beautiful gaming chair, consider the Razer Enki Pro’s Williams Esports Edition. With a built-in lumbar support curve and a magnetic memory foam headrest pillow and cushioning backed by high-density PU-moulded foam, you’ll be comfortable sitting for long hours during your most intense gaming sessions. Or, reclining at 152 degrees while you wait for one of those long download times modern games seem to always have. The Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition supports gamers up to 300 pounds.

If you read our list of best expansion drives for the Xbox series X, then you'll know that there really is only one way to expand the storage, and that's with the Seagate-specific expansion card. Unfortunately, even other forms of external hard drives don't really let you play games off of them, mostly just being there as a form of storage. Luckily, there are a lot of great Prime Day deals going on right now, and that includes the Seagate expansion card. In fact, you can grab the 1TB version from Amazon for $130 instead of the regular $220, which is a substantial discount.

Why you should buy the 1TB Seagate storage expansion card The big advantage of having a very specific expansion card that works is that it can use Microsoft's Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is its own unique framework for building storage devices that run quickly. More specifically, they allow storage devices to sort of function as RAM or a Blu-ray disc so that the console is reading data off the hard drive at really fast speeds. That means you don't have to rely on discs to play the game, but more importantly, it means that you have almost no loading screens, and it also allows the quick pause functionality that lets you jump into a game almost immediately after putting your Xbox to sleep, which is neat.

The prices of games for the PlayStation 5 have steadily increased, with the best PS5 games costing $70 for base editions and more than $100 for special editions. Fortunately, with the arrival of Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days 2023 and the return of Prime Day deals, other retailers are also offering PS5 game deals. One of the top sources for discounts is Best Buy, which has slashed the prices of some of the best RPGs for PS5 and best PS5 games for kids. We've selected our top picks from the sale, but you should also take a look at what else will catch your eye.

To start us off, we have some of the most popular games on sale right now, such as Elden Ring for

If you're still missing a screen for your gaming PC setup, you should check out the 34-inch Acer Nitro XZ342CU curved gaming monitor. From its original price of $370, it's down to only $307 after a $63 discount from Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days 2023. This display can give justice to the capabilities of the best gaming PCs, and with the return of Prime Day deals, you can get it for much cheaper the usual. You'll need to hurry with your purchase if you don't want to miss out on the bargain, though, as stocks may not last long.

Why you should buy the Acer Nitro XZ342CU curved gaming monitor To maximize the power of your gaming desktop, you'll want a screen like the Acer Nitro XZ342CU curved gaming monitor. Its 34-inch screen offers Quad HD resolution, which will allow you to better appreciate the graphics of the best PC games through sharp details and lifelike colors. The monitor also offers an up to 165Hz refresh rate, which is explained by our computer monitor buying guide as to how often the images on the display are updated, and a 1ms response time, which is how fast image transitions are shown.

The best October Prime Day gaming chair deals right now | Digital Trends

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