Samsung submerges the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to show off water resistance

Samsung's water submergence test on the Tab S9 Ultra sees the device retaining the functionality of its fluid display and components.

The device is also seen to work with the S Pen while underwater, letting users write, and more. Led Swimming Pool Lights Suppliers

Samsung submerges the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to show off water resistance

The Tab S9 Ultra cannot stay underwater forever as the device can handle up to five feet in water for around thirty minutes before the worst.

The resistance rating of devices is crucial when it comes to knowing what it can and can't take, and Samsung is demonstrating its newest tablet's strength.

In a blog post, Samsung boasts about how the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra's display is "perfect for the outdoors." Samsung's recent Ultra model tablet features an IP68 water and dust resistance rating. To test this, the OEM dunks the Tab into a tub of water to showcase its resolve through a couple of different instances.

In the first instance, Samsung slips the S9 Ultra into a tank of water, explaining that if this scenario were to happen, the S9 Ultra would continue to play video and function normally.

The second instance shows that the tablet's functionality with its S Pen remains even underwater. Samsung adds that text written by S Pen will still appear on its 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display "with no screen lag or delay."

Samsung finishes by touting the Tab S9 Ultra's durability and the brand's intention of creating a device that could stand up to rough-and-tough activities outdoors.

The Galaxy Tab S9's water resistance capabilities were a big deal during the Unpacked launch, and Android Central's Michael Hicks believes that other tablets should follow the Tab S9's example. It's worth noting that the tablets can't exactly sit underwater for extended periods of time. With the IPX8 rating, you can go about five feet underwater with the tablet for around thirty minutes before adverse side effects begin to take hold.

And while the same can be said for Samsung's foldables, we're still awaiting a Fold or a Flip that's dust resistance, much like its tablet series — and it looks like that'll be the case for a while longer.

Samsung's mobile chief TM Roh shined a little light on the subject by saying dust resistance for its foldables is on the docket. However, there are a lot of "moving parts" the company needs to sort out before doing so in the future.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Samsung submerges the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to show off water resistance

Lighting Manufacturer The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is Samsung's tablet top-of-the-line tablet with a 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate. The tablet can handle videos and games with fluidity and graphical performance. Those looking to get a little work done on the S9 Ultra can do with useful and easy multitasking features.