Hydraulic door hinge 1501 by G-FITTINGS |

The company, located in Emmerich am Rhein, near the Dutch border, has recently come up with another innovation: the hydraulic door hinge 1501.

This production innovation is a self-closing door hinge for interior and exterior use. It can be installed in two different ways: as the glass/glass version, or as the glass/wall version. All frame systems by G-Fittings are compatible with the glass/wall hinge 1501. Swinging Glass Shower Door

Hydraulic door hinge 1501 by G-FITTINGS |

The special function: the closing speed and the last swing of the door can easily be adjusted on the hinge. This option for manual setting also makes it possible to stop the door in the desired position. In this way, you always have the optimum control over opening and stopping your glass door.

The door hinge 1501 also scores points with its simple installation and elegant look in stainless steel design. This makes it fit in harmoniously with any ambiance. It was designed for glass thicknesses of 8 to 12.76 mm and a door panel weight of up to 75 kg.

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Hydraulic door hinge 1501 by G-FITTINGS |

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