78 Unique Easter Decoration Ideas 2023 - DIY Easter Home Decor

Infuse your space with homemade wreaths, baskets and tabletop decor.

Whether you're hosting Easter dinner or excited to welcome the spring season, homemade decorations add personality and character to any interior. Imagine your home full of pretty pastels, vibrant flowers, plaid prints and adorable bunny figures. From macramé egg holders and egg carton flowers to fabric-wrapped baskets and egg-shaped coasters, we've curated a list of DIY Easter decoration ideas that prove how far creativity can take you. Dyed Cotton Yarn

78 Unique Easter Decoration Ideas 2023 - DIY Easter Home Decor

We won't lie: there are some really great Easter decorations on Amazon, but some won't have the allure or charm of handcrafted decor. Plus, it's a lot cheaper to use supplies you've already got at home. We've included creative craft ideas that use easy-to-find items like pipe cleaners, wooden craft sticks and dishtowels — as well as some genius upcycling projects using empty egg cartons and cupcake liners. There are also a number of easy, family-friendly options for your little kids to enjoy (hint: playful Easter egg ideas and a bunny piñata). The best part? We've included easy-to-follow instructions so you can recreate these egg-cellent ideas in no time.

You'll also find hand-painted candlesticks, gorgeous bouquets and floral wreaths that double as spring decor all season long. And, if you're looking for Easter basket stuffers or table setting inspiration, we have a few thoughts — like a cute carrot cone that can be stuffed with treats.

To recreate these adorable macramé holders, you'll only need eggs and yarn (we suggest a pastel shade like green, blue or pink).

Upgrade a wicker basket with a festive fabric. The best part? Next year, you can easily swap the fabric for a fresh, new look.

Made from dyed coffee filters and orange paper, these carrot cones work well as a festive place setting or a small holiday gift. Fill them with small chocolates or candies, add green twine and you're ready to go!

Turn seasonal vegetables into decorative vases. Our suggestions? Cabbage leaves, peas or root vegetables like carrots, radish and turnips.

This wood table runner is easy to make and only requires a few materials: rectangle wood pieces, yellow spray paint and a drop cloth.

Impress your guests with these festive egg coasters — plus, they're great for protecting your linens and wood surfaces from stains. We used replacement glass for oval picture frames. Before you get started, make sure the glass is clean. You'll also want to cover your work station with wax paper or parchment.

Elevate your spring table setting with hand-painted candlesticks. Use paint markers or craft paint to make a series of dots, flowers and patterns. We went for small floral designs, but don't be afraid to use your imagination.

Before you start, be sure to wipe your candles with rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth to remove any lint or debris.

Impress everyone at Easter dinner with an adorable Easter village, made up of pretty pastel houses, flowers and small creatures. A genius idea? Use small wooden birdhouses.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »

From pretty florals to classic gingham prints, use festive fabrics to dress up your Easter eggs. Use real or plastic eggs (plastic are best if you'd like to use them as home decor for a few weeks).

Transform your regular eggs into colorful baby chicks with vibrant feathers to place throughout your space!

You'll Need: colored eggs, natural egg carton, scissors, acrylic paint, craft brush, yellow felt triangles, hot glue and colored feathers

Welcome guests and neighbors with this cheery wreath, made entirely out of hand-cut paper leaves.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the paper leaves:

Swap your woven Easter basket for a handmade bin, like one made from wooden craft sticks. We used 18 large craft sticks, but you may need more depending on the size of your basket.

These egg carton flowers make colorful table centerpieces or mantel decorations.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own:

Don't settle for boring brown Easter baskets! To recreate these colorful designs, paint the exterior wood strips in different colors of acrylic paint and let dry completely.

Show your front door some love and adorn it with this painted cupcake liner wreath. You'll need white cupcake liners, a white foam wreath form, acrylic paint, craft brushes, drop cloth and sewing pins with white tops.

Turn a simple basket into an Easter decoration by adding a large bow with adorable patches. Find festive iron-on patches or use stickers.

These cotton candy nests make delicious table decorations. After the Easter meal ends, have your guests enjoy the sugary treat (eggs excluded).

The Easter Bunny may have come and gone, but these little bunnies will stick around from dusk to dawn.

To make, cut a 6" piece of pipe cleaner and fold it in half twice to create an "M" shape. Then twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together to create bunny ears. Using craft glue, attach the ears to the back of a pom-pom to create a bunny head. Once dry, attach the pom-pom to the narrow end of an egg and let dry. Customize your bunny by adding a small bow tie with the ribbon of your choice.

Guests will love seeing this beaded carrot wreath at your front door (and the Easter Bunny will too).

What You'll Need: colored eggs, natural egg carton, scissors, acrylic paint, craft brush, yellow felt triangles, hot glue and colored feathers

These dried flower eggs are not only great for your Easter hunt, but they also make beautiful and unique decor. Place them on your table for family and friends to admire.

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