The expansion of Polish windows and doors begins at the fair – 2023 edition completed |

It was a time of intensive search for innovative solutions in demanding times. The exhibitors did not disappoint these expectations by presenting an offer streamlining and optimizing production processes in the door and window industry.

The Windoor-tech fair, held at the same time as the Budma fair, returned in great style after a four-year break. These two events gathered over 600 companies from 26 countries. Double End Milling Machine

The expansion of Polish windows and doors begins at the fair – 2023 edition completed |

- We are coming back in a big way, as evidenced by the presence of all the leaders and the exhibition is a response to demanding times. We would like to thank our exhibitors, as the technologies they present are the key to maintaining the competitive advantage of Polish companies on the market. We see that the technologies presented at the fair are becoming a standard and a 'must have' for Polish manufacturers. Polish windows and doors set standards and reach all parts of the globe. The expansion of Polish windows and doors to global markets begins here at Budma and Windoor-tech – emphasizes Mateusz Szymczak, director of the Windoor-tech fair.

For climate protection and business development

During this year's edition, in addition to the rich offer of exhibitors, there was also many substantive discussions and meetings. Economic and environmental issues were particularly prominent.

"PVC window profiles and their value chain as the key to climate protection and business development. EPPA for the window industry in Poland and Europe" – this was the title of a conference organised during the Budma and Windoor-tech fairs by the European PVC Window Profiles and related Building Products Association.

The event gathered many stakeholders of the window industry and started a discussion about the need to combine the process of replacing windows with the collection of dismantled PVC windows and their transfer to specialized companies processing raw materials for re-production.

As explained by Charlotte Röber, EPPA Managing Director – the association represents manufacturers of PVC window systems and related construction products supplying over 90% of European production. Those gathered at the conference heard that in 2021, 355 tons of PVC were recycled. As much as 50% of this value was used in new window profiles, while the remaining 50% was used in other common applications.

Due to the fact that the construction sector is currently responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Europe and the European Union wants to be climate neutral by 2050, the aspect of sustainable development and climate protection becomes mandatory for this industry.

-We try to recycle all collectible post-consumer profile waste in order to replace primary PVC with new recycled PVC as soon as possible, taking into account the socio-economic context - emphasized Charlotte Röber.

The hot topic at the fair was thermal modernization and the development of the renovation market. The lecture of Maksymilian Miros from the Centre for Industry Analysis as part of the Thermal Modernization Coalition, all interested participants could familiarize themselves with the current data on the Polish construction market and learn about the potential of the renovation market. Then, Robert Klos (originator of the Thermal Modernization Coalition) and Paweł Gregorczyk (coordinator) presented the goals of campaign, its schedule and provided details on joining the campaign by manufacturers and dealers of the industry. The Thermal Modernization Coalition wants to help the industry gain new customers thanks to the window and door replacement financing programs operating in Poland. However the main goal of the Coalition is to educate the dealers in the target model of window and door sales using various programs subsidizing the thermal modernization of buildings.  

Automation of production processes - this is a trend that was indicated by almost all exhibitors of the Windoor-tech fair. Presenting own modern solutions at the stands, they emphasized that their implementation is the only chance to face the competition, and the fair is a perfect place to present these solutions.

How will the window and door industry change? What especially attracted the visitors to the fair? These were some of many questions to exhibitors.

Mariusz Krukowski, general director of ELUMATEC POLSKA:

The use of pass-through machining and cutting centres or devices supporting logistics in woodwork production processes, as well as the automation of different operations, such as fitting sashes and frames, is a trend that has firmly rooted in the investment plans of our clients, especially in larger production plants. We also observe the trend of optimizing production basing on the analysis of real-time data collected from machines. This allows us to identify bottlenecks in production and improve efficiency. The last two years have slightly changed the business environment, some companies have moved to the online world, but the fact that we can meet our clients at the Windoor-tech fair is very positive and was expected by the whole industry.


Konrad Józefiak, owner of WEGOMA POLSKA:

Over the twenty years of WEGOMA POLSKA operation, we have observed that our customers are moving towards automation, which can be seen especially in aluminium. Most companies are moving from single-head and double-head machines to machining centres and more advanced types of machines: computer-controlled double-head saws and more advanced facade saws. When it comes to PVC, we offer a four-head vertical welder. I think it is the only such machine at this year's fair. We also offer the latest software for machining centres that allows users to import data from external programs.

Companies that come to us most often want to automate their production to become independent of employees. They also want to have repeatable quality and only computer-controlled machines may guarantee it. The Windoor-tech fair is a magnet that attracts all customers both from Poland and abroad. Everyone wants to gain new knowledge and see new solutions. This is the only fair in which all our Polish customers want to participate.


Janusz Bubień, President of the Management Board of URBAN POLSKA:

Machines with a high level of automation of processes and production material flow enjoy the greatest interest. We are able to guarantee it. Due to workforce deficiencies, many customers decide to automate production processes. We also see an increasing interest in steel doors, windows and facades. Steel is certainly more affordable in terms of price.


- The market of window and door production has been changing very dynamically in recent years. We can see that it is moving towards automation, robotisation and digitization. Changing trends in the economy mean that we rarely observe long production series, as they are being replaced by increasingly shorter 'customized' series. The latest offer of the IMAC is related to automation, mechanization and robotisation. We sell ready-made technological lines and special machines, strictly adapted to a specific customer and its production process. Robotisation is certainly a remedy for the crisis in the construction industry and these trends can be seen not only in Poland but also throughout the world. Our customers, leading manufacturers of windows and doors, which previously introduced these solutions, are now very strong and have gained a competitive advantage.


Rafał Kryczka, Sales Administrative Manager, HOMAG POLSKA:

We would like to show our CENTATEQ P-210 machining centre to companies from the window and door industry. It is an extremely versatile and efficient machine. With the use of five-axis technology and extensive instrumentation, it has basically unlimited machining possibilities. It can produce both windows and doors. During this year's edition of WINDOOR-TECH, we also present VR technology. This is technology of the future and it is the latest and most attractive form of presenting our offer. It enables users to visit a virtual factory and see what our machine park will look like.


Piotr Truszczyński, owner of SZKŁOMAL:

The situation on the glass market is very dynamic. Many companies ended their businesses due to the pandemic. Those that survived focus very strongly on the development. Glass is popular in construction industry. We can see the trend of glass facades, balustrades or glass in interior design, such as LED mirrors.


Full automation of production processes and thus the elimination of operator errors, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the entire joinery, which is already known around the world – this is the current trend. At our stand, we show the welding of the latest versions of aluminium profiles, which have not been so popular so far, but thanks to our technology, it can be introduced as a standard. Suppliers can expand their offer with our welding robots. At the fair, we show, among others: the FABCUT 3B RS machining and cutting centre awarded with the MTP Gold Medal, which will be implemented from this year. I predict that in the next edition Fimtec Polska will have also present many new products and solutions, as we are already working on prototypes to be used at various stages of window production, from steel cutting, glazing to automatic sorting or buffering. The two-year period to the next edition of Windoor-tech will be for us a time of hard work.


Justyna Ratajczak, STÜRTZ POLSKA:

The Stürtz company invests heavily in robotic window production solutions to support our customers, including those with very high expectations. We offer several solutions for this industry that meet the criteria of the so-called relief for robotisation, which is a favourable source of financing for entrepreneurs.


Anna Kufel-Sikorska, R&D TECH:

 - All structures based on aluminium meet the needs of the market and architecture. This trend will continue for a long time. In addition to large machines that are the basis of the entire production and taking into account the requirements of industry 4.0 and the related automation, we work to meet customer expectations. That is why we support production halls with smaller devices to ensure well-functioning logistics lines. Automation will definitely stay with us for years.


The BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair and the WINDOOR-TECH International Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Production of Windows, Doors, Gates and Facades were held from January 31 to February 3, 2023, at the Poznań International Fair. The next edition of the WINDOOR-TECH fair will take place in two years in 2025.

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The expansion of Polish windows and doors begins at the fair – 2023 edition completed |

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