The Best Museum Glass And Acrylics To Protect Old Photos | HuffPost Life

All picture frame glass is not created alike, especially when it comes to showcasing heirloom, old or otherwise special photos or artwork. These precious pieces may require extra protection to help prevent fading and other damage.

“When we opened our first gallery, we thought glass was just glass,” Jon Davies, a professional framer for the Chester, U.K.-based Alison Bradley Gallery, wrote over email. “We couldn’t have been more wrong.” Acrylic Frame Stand

The Best Museum Glass And Acrylics To Protect Old Photos | HuffPost Life

The kind of display you should look for to protect sentimental pieces? Either acrylic or glass with at least 97% UV-filtering glazing. It’s the conservation standard and “the only known solution to protect your work of art from harmful UV light while it is on display,” Carissa Tonner of The Conservation Center in Chicago told us over email. “[If] you want the value and integrity of the work to be protected for future generations, then UV glazing is always a worthwhile investment.”

This includes artwork that isn’t even exposed to direct sunlight: Any amount of light, according to both experts, contains some amount of UV with the potential to harm your piece. “UV filtering glazing is not a cure-all, but it will significantly slow the fading process,” Tonner noted.

While professionals can help you choose exactly what kind of glass or acrylic to use for your photos and artwork, we rounded up some accessible options from Amazon and Etsy that you can invest in to help protect your items now. Read on for our recommendations.

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The Best Museum Glass And Acrylics To Protect Old Photos | HuffPost Life

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