Best gaming chairs in 2023 | PC Gamer

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Treat your posterior to one of the best gaming chairs. Gaming Chair Orange

Best gaming chairs in 2023 | PC Gamer

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When it comes to the best gaming chairs, the top priority should always be the combination of ergonomic benefits and solid build quality, with comfort and customization coming in a close second. You're going to be spending an awful lot of time sitting on this thing; why not go for one that'll last?

While some of the best gaming chairs may come with a higher price tag, remember that it's a worthwhile investment in your long-term well-being. Our bodies require proper care, and the Secretlab Titan Evo stands out as one of the best gaming chairs today, blending the best features from Secretlab's previous models.

Gaming chairs come in various designs, from racing car seats to themed chairs catering to every gamer's preferences. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody offers excellent support without flashy gaming aesthetics for those seeking a more understated yet stylish option. However, it may be priced similarly to a high-end gaming PC.

We've extensively tested numerous gaming chairs from reputable companies, ensuring that every chair in this guide has undergone rigorous scrutiny and proved its worth. While cheaper office chairs may seem tempting, investing in your ergonomics is a decision your body will thank you for in the long run. Treat yourself to something special and give your posterior the care it deserves.

The best chair overall The Secretlab Titan is the benchmark by which we judge all other gaming chairs. To earn that role it ticked all the boxes you could ask of gaming furniture: it's comfy, supportive, and importantly looks great too.

The thick cushion, broad design, and refined styling make this a good gaming chair, but the fact Corsair has managed to get the price down without compromising on comfort is what makes the TC100 Relaxed a great gaming chair.

Best office chair

A brilliant option if you're after something more traditional-looking, the NeueChair's mesh design keeps you cool for long periods and offers elite build quality.

Best for luxury

The Herman Miller Embody oozes premium- you'd expect nothing less at this price. With superb comfort and a warranty spanning over a decade, it's absolutely the chair of choice if you're willing to invest in ergonomics.

Best back support

The best for back support

If you need supreme lumbar support, Noblechairs has your back. Fully adjustable for your unique skeleton, it's easy to make it yours and justify the price tag.

Best for large people

The best for larger frames

Coming in two sizes - L and XL - the Kaiser 3 is the best gaming chair for anyone who finds most chairs too tight or too flimsy. It's big, it's solid, it's comfortable - it's genuinely amazing.

Best gaming chairs in 2023 | PC Gamer

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